Good Morning Omelet for coco-nuts like me …

Why i love public holidays … because there is time to indulge in an extended breakfast and experiment with my most favorite ingredients like coconut, avocado and lime … and if you haven’t had time yet, for indulging in a summery wanderlust journey, why not enjoy a little bit of a tropical feeling at your own home … … Continue reading


For breakfast or lunch … hemp seed has it all

if you are like me and prefer a savory breakfast to a sweet one then this is perfect for you, if not you can easily prepare this as a lunch and enjoy it freshly made or take it to the office and eat it later. the hemp seed is a must in this dish, especially … Continue reading


M as in Mugaritz & Martin Berasategui … a continuous culinary quest … part II

waking up after the mugaritz experience was like returning from an exciting journey to an unknown country. i was still in full admiration mode although we were just hours away from visiting martin berasategui another star on the culinary sky of san sebastians vast offer of haute cuisine restaurants. so what to do to overcome the … Continue reading


Scramble it up vegan style …

if you are on a mainly protein based diet like me then you should always look out for diversity in your protein intake. eggs are perfect for non-vegans however should not be eaten every day. the best substitute for eggs that i have come across is silk tofu, which makes this dish a vegan friendly … Continue reading


M as in Mugaritz & Martin Berasategui … a continuous culinary quest … part I

as a wanderlust infiltrated person with a disposition to good food, the ability to combine both of my rather pleasant addictions is probably the closest i can get to heavenly excitement. thank god there are others that share my craving for touring the chef’s global spectrum and so after last years NOMA experience this year … Continue reading

The perfect wedding song … or how to musi-fy your wedding

As a wedding planner (yamyam event production) a big portion of my life is devoted to love, emotions and happiness. i see many tears of joy, hear lots of laughter, am the witness to so many “first” moments and accompany the most different love stories on their way to their hopefully everlasting vows. music is always an … Continue reading


Sunday Breakfast for Coconut Lovers

i am a designated coconut lover. there is nothing not to like about this magnificent fruit. you can detox while drinking the water, pamper your skin and hair with extra virgin coconut oil, make the most delicious deserts and spice up almost any dish with a hint of coconut … so why not add this … Continue reading


San Giorgio Mykonos … The Mykonian Synonym for Bohemian

  a soul infected by wanderlust is often misinterpreted as the urge of wanting to run away, to flee from reality. there are no words to explain the importance behind needing to see, to explore, to simply wander … maybe only co-wanderers do truly comprehend this insatiable urge for the search of the unknown. overall the … Continue reading


Schloss Walpersdorf … the epitome of perfection

  What is the true meaning of perfect? Is there a necessity for perfection? How can something be ever called the epitome of perfection? In my job as an event designer and planner at yamyam event production I do get to see many different kinds of venues. Some I like a lot due to their … Continue reading


Serendipity in Altaussee … or when coincidence is a genius

i believe to be a traveler, a person infected by wanderlust, never too tired to explore new places, always eager to learn about new countries. every journey i take has so many surprises to offer but the most surprising moments are those that happen totally unexpected, unintended … the ones that slowly approach you without … Continue reading


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