The Celery Tower – yamyam food for any occasion

i love to experiment with things i have in my fridge. so while exploring the content the other day i came up with these celery towers, which you can either eat as a bite sized cocktail food or if you make the towers larger you can serve them as a starter with fork and knife. i … Continue reading

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Maya-nize your world …. a journey to beautiful Mexico – Part 1: Coba

what to do when the travel bug bites? well, i check my list of places that i still want to travel to and then weigh the options. am i traveling alone, as a couple, in a group? do i need adventure, culture, city life or beach life? most of the time i try to come … Continue reading


Pimp-Up your morning routine … or holisticly detox into spring

  rise and shine is the perfect notion for spring! although the season won’t officially change until thursday the 20th, the weather gods seem to be very gracious this year and have blessed us in europe with lovely and warm pre-spring weather. spring time is the best time to get out of your cozy, comfy … Continue reading


Sundays are made for family brunches …

  don’t you just love sundays? and whats better then spending a sunday with your loved ones, eating, drinking, chatting, napping and eating again. since my work life at yamyam event production, is all about entertaining strangers, i absolutely indulge in catering to my own family and loved ones. i usually set up the menu … Continue reading


Rainbow role alla yamyam … or just simply without rice

  as an event planner and event designer ( yamyam event production) a major part of my work life is about food and beverages. so yes, i am interested in food, not to say i am fanatically in love with food. in order to consult my clients and couples on what to eat when and … Continue reading

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Spring is in the air …. mexican inspired yamyam food

  My latest travel was not only inspiring for my soul and heart but also for my taste buds. ceviche is definitely mastered by peruvians but the mexican version is not so bad either. i was surprised how many delicious variations of fresh fish dishes i found on mexican menus. so here is my own … Continue reading


Do you have a personal hero? ….or … about the day that I met mine!

When we grow up our first encounter with heroism is usually amongst our own family members. Parents, siblings or grandparents tend to be portrayed as the first heroes of our lives. Along the way though, we encounter various heroes outside of our close family circle, be it real people or fictive creatures. We love them, … Continue reading


Soup-up these cold winter days ….

  oh baby it’s cold outside … do you know that song? well that is how i felt today, freezing cold … the best thing to do to overcome this creepy cold is to warm up from inside. i love this fennel soup, it is nourishing, warming and keeps you going ll day with a … Continue reading


Why not “mung bean-ise” your scrambled eggs … a power breakfast without bread!

  after the holidays people in general try to cut down on various things, alcohol, bread, sugar etc. i personally am not big on diets or extreme changes in my eating habits. my motto is rather, eat healthy, eat less, when you eat it all pay attention. and once in a while detox according to … Continue reading


A happy green bean called Mung … or simply a healthy lunch!

eating out definitely has its advantages, no hassle, no messy kitchen, no dish washing, not spending hours in the kitchen. but on the other side, eating in has also its benefits. besides costing less, it is so much healthier and full of good nutrition. to all of you that say they do not have enough … Continue reading


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